Skill set matching
for each test

No two applications are the same, so we bring just the right combination of skills, performance, and experience to you based on your tech stack. We draw on the Cobalt core, a core of 270+ heavily vetted, high quality pentesters to find the right skills to match to your security requirements, business needs, and schedule. Cobalt connects you with the world’s most skilled and trusted pentesters on an industry-leading security testing platform. We don’t just give you the next pentester waiting on the bench, instead we handpick the testers that fit your testing needs.

The Cobalt research pool contains a vast array of pentesters from certified security professionals to highly skilled pentesters with deep domain expertise. Our pentesters have years of experience and a passion for finding vulnerabilities. Each Cobalt Core pentester undergoes third party identification and criminal background checks, an extensive technical interview process, and an objective skills assessment.

What to fix and
how to get it fixed

Fixing vulnerabilities is an important part of reducing an application’s overall risk, but most important is fixing them so the application’s users and data can remain well-protected.

To help prioritize vulnerability fixes, Cobalt provides a criticality rating based on impact and business context such as the damage potential, reproducibility, exploitability, number of affected users, and discoverability of each finding. In addition, Core pentesters provide detailed notes on recommended fixes, and if you have a question at any point you can easily communicate with them in real time.